11 Points + 400 ManBabies

This week has been a monumental week for ManBabies.com.  On top of reaching 400 ManBabies (making us probably the largest collection of ManBabies around) and getting our twitter account back, we had the honor of co-writing a post for the super awesome blog 11points.com!

Check it out: 11 Greatest ManBabies Ever, According to the Founder of ManBabies.com

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a safe new years eve!

In other News: The Rachael Ray Show (Yes, Rachael Ray) is doing a segment that is supposedly featuring ManBabies.com!  The segment, called Cabin Fever Computer fun, is airing on Wednesday, December 23rd.  Check your TV guide to find out when to catch it!

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ManBaby Rejects

I’ve been seeing a nice tradition of ManBabies being sent in that don’t really meet what we are looking for (you know, like tall, dark, handsome, etc.), and feel that even though they don’t fit the site, I’d still like to show case them. Welcome to that first show case of ManBaby Rejects!

One of the rules that we strongly suggest is that you do a picture you own, or at least one of a friend, ex-boss, whatever. This is because we want an original picture, and also, we don’t want to get sued. It’s mostly because we don’t want to get sued. But we understand that not everybody has a buddy with a baby that we can embarrass on the internet, so they have to resort to the next best thing: grabbing a pic of a dude with a baby and manbabying it.

And we present the source image:

Father Holding Baby

A nice stock photograph of a Father and a Baby. Or we assume it’s a father, but for all we know this is a hired model, and the “real dad” is safely out of the camera’s view. Either way, this picture makes for an easy ManBaby.   On to the offenders!

Now, I’ll admit that in my naivity, I posted the first one I received on the site @ http://manbabies.com/content/134.  Whoops.  Here’s the image:

Honest mistake, I swear.  Well, I recieved the same picture from Derober (http://www.derober.com/) not too long afterward, and I started to get suspicious.

derober.com manbaby

“Ok”, I thought to myself, “maybe they just know the same good looking guy and baby, and thought his picture would make a good addition to manbaby history.”  Sigh, how could I ever be so young and trusting.  It wasn’t long after that I recieved another one from Kasen W.

Manbaby - Kasen W

Alright, after I got this one, I got the idea.  Since then, I’ve gotten one more manbaby using this picture, from Jasper A.  Let me just say that I give Jasper credit for putting a nice spin on this one, although it is an image that will haunt your every waking moment until the end of time:

ManBaby - Jasper A

I especially love how the baby’s face looks like a plastic doll face on the man’s body. *shudders*.

Well, that’s it for this installment, look for more in the future!


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Father’s Day t-Shirt Contest Winners Announced!

ManBabies.com is happy to announce the closing of it’s first ever Give Away Contest in celebration of Father’s Day and our BRAND SPANKING NEW T-Shirt!

Thanks for everyone who entered and helped spread the word! We crunched some numbers, carried some twos, and randomly selected two lucky contestants for our contest.  Let’s not waste any more time and get to what you all want to hear, THE WINNERS:



Woot indeed, Darin, for you are now the proud owner of our new ManBabies.com T-Shirt! Congratulations!



And I hope this makes your Day after Father’s Day, Brent!  You are the 2nd place winner and will receive a free ManBaby on us!

Thanks to everyone who participated! If you would still like a shirt, we have them for $19.99 at the ManBabies SpreadShirt Shop!

We hope to have another contest sometime in the future, so be on the lookout for it, and thanks for enjoying our site!


Father’s Day T-Shirt GiveAway!

Sorry, Contest is over! Thanks for everyone who participated!
Winners will be announced on the afternoon of 06/22/09!

ManBabies.com is Proud to announce it’s first Give Away Contest in celebration of Father’s Day and our brand new T-Shirts!


1st Place Prize: Check out these sweet threads.  You will be the epitome of coolness, the envy of all your friends, with this bad boy.


Shirts come in Men, Women, and Child’s sizes!

2nd Place Prize: A personalized ManBaby. You send us any picture, and we’ll make a ManBaby out of it!


How To Win

It’s really simple.  If you have a twitter account,  send a tweet to @manbabies (http://twitter.com/manbabies).  It doesn’t matter what your message is, it can be a question, suggestion, or just a shout out telling us what you think.  Once you have done that, come back here and leave a comment with a link to your twitter account, and you are entered into the contest!

For those without a twitter account, your are still in luck. You can leave a comment here like the one we are asking for above, although you will only be eligible to win the 2nd place price.  Make sure that you include your email address so we can contact you if you win!


We are running the contest until Father’s Day, so you have until 11:59 PM CDT on Sunday June 21st to enter!

Winners will be announced in the afternoon on June 22nd and will be contacted by email or twitter.

Need a gift for father’s day?  How about giving him the joy of a ManBabies t-shirt?

Still Alive!

Hey everybody in internet land, how are you doing on this fine summer day?  Ready to read our new update,  I bet!

This is the summer of ManBabies.  What does this mean, exactly?  Well, it means we are going to try to be more interactive with our viewers, and give a little back hopefully!  Currently we are working on some shirt designs, and planning a Father’s Day Contest.  Expect more info on these soon!

Let’s get to know each other!

First of all, if you aren’t already following ManBabies.com on Twitter, then follow us now!  We’ll be updating it with the latest news and fun links, and every once in a while we might even be witty!  If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t be afraid to do it there and we’ll get right back to you.


More!  Whoa, a tutorial!

Some of you were asking for a tutorial, and I think that’s a great idea!  It’s unfortunate that we haven’t had time to make one yet, but you are in luck, as we have found a nice and simple one out there on the web at PCandWEB.com.  Check out this spiffy piece of the magical proccess:


Also, Thanks!

As always, we love it when you share the horror beauty of ManBabies.com with your friends and families, bosses and in-laws.  Thanks to everybody who comes to our site and supports us!


A Makeover and Snacks!

If you are a returning visitor to ManBabies.com, you may have noticed some slight differences.  I had some free time over this break, so I decided to give the design some touch-ups.  No more gray gradients! Made a couple of other additions/changes to the site, no biggie though.

Nothing too awesome, just not as ugly.

While we are in this mood to change, what kind of additions would you like to see on the site?  Any ideas or suggestions, just leave your comment here and we will look at them.

The current schedule for ManBabies is two for YourTurnTuesday, and maybe one from us every once in awhile (we are being lazy, yes!), so keep sending ones you make to submit@manbabies.com with a subject of “We Did It” to get it up on the site!

Also, be sure to check out our other project, Kookies and Kreme!, where we have fun with photoshop and MS Paint, and try to be decent humor writers. 

This is the kind of fun stuff you\'ll get at kookiesandkreme.com!

You see this picture?  It makes no sense.  It just is.  Just go to http://kookiesandkreme.com already!

Stay cool,



Hey everybody!  Thanks for coming to the site!  We enjoy all the submissions, keep sending them in!

This is just to let you know that we will only be posting pictures that you did for this next week, so there will be one a day instead of the usual two.  Why, you may ask?
Well, I’m going to be gone for the next week, and don’t want to be disturbed *cough*honeymoon*cough*, but things should get back to normal on the 14th.


100 ManBabies!

Today, the 100th ManBaby was posted! Glorious day!

Almost two months in now, and we would like to thank everybody that has supported our weird but laughable  affinity towards ManBabies.  We also want to tell you to keep coming back! We don’t want you to miss out on any of the ManBaby fun!

To all who have submitted pictures: Thanks!  Keep it up!  We are going to keep posting them, so keep a watchful eye!

FAQ and Rules!

Can I submit manbabies that I have made?
Yes, send it to submit@manbabies.com with a subject line of:
We Did it!“.
Please read “What are the guidelines for a ManBaby?” posted further down before sending in your submission.

Can I submit a picture for you guys to do?

Currently, this is not done regularly due to time constraints.  However, if you  would like to have a manbaby personally made for you, we can do that for $15 a pop(baby?) via paypal.  Contact kris@manbabies.com with a subject line of  “Personal Manbaby Request” for more details.

I’ve submitted a picture, but I haven’t seen it on the site yet. What gives?
It’s not you, it’s me. But seriously, we have a pretty good backlog and we plan on getting through everything eventually, so keep submitting strong. Also, make sure that your submission is up to snuff with the guidelines below.

How will I know if you posted the picture we sent in?
Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to emails or notify people of a post because of the amount that we get. Our suggestion is to keep coming back to the site, or subscribe to it in an rss feed reader (it’s really easy, just go here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Manbabies and add it).

I have important information for you! Where do I send it?
If you want to give us money, or would like to talk business or media related issues, send your inquiry to admin@manbabies.com and we will get back to you asap.

What are the guidelines for a ManBaby?

  • The picture MUST have both a man and a baby. Man + baby = ManBaby. Get it?
  • The picture should be atleast 400 pixels on it’s largest side (I personally like the number 550px, so if you have already made a manbaby to post, it’s appreciated if you size that as the largest dimension).
  • It would help if you named your ManBaby picture with your full name. Just a suggestion.
  • For pictures submitted to be done, we need most of the face of both the man and baby to be unobscured, although we can work some magic on it.
  • Nothing in a distasteful nature, please.

You Turn Tuesday (YTT) is a day that we post 3 pics that you, the viewers, have made.  In addition to YTT, we try to post 1 pic that you have made and 1 pic that we have made on the other days of the week.
Basically,  YTT is a day that lets us get out of making a manbaby by posting more of your ManBabies.
You can send us the pictures that you have made any day of the week, just put “We Did it!” as the subject line and send it to submit@manbabies.com!

As we come up with more stuff to put here, this post will be updated.