A Makeover and Snacks!

If you are a returning visitor to ManBabies.com, you may have noticed some slight differences.  I had some free time over this break, so I decided to give the design some touch-ups.  No more gray gradients! Made a couple of other additions/changes to the site, no biggie though.

Nothing too awesome, just not as ugly.

While we are in this mood to change, what kind of additions would you like to see on the site?  Any ideas or suggestions, just leave your comment here and we will look at them.

The current schedule for ManBabies is two for YourTurnTuesday, and maybe one from us every once in awhile (we are being lazy, yes!), so keep sending ones you make to submit@manbabies.com with a subject of “We Did It” to get it up on the site!

Also, be sure to check out our other project, Kookies and Kreme!, where we have fun with photoshop and MS Paint, and try to be decent humor writers. 

This is the kind of fun stuff you\'ll get at kookiesandkreme.com!

You see this picture?  It makes no sense.  It just is.  Just go to http://kookiesandkreme.com already!

Stay cool,


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#1 Lars-dk on 12.19.08 at 3:23 am

Very fun looking with these manbabies.
I would like to make my own pictures, not a photo manipulation wizzard thogh. Could you spill the beans on how to do this and what tools you use for this ?

regards and marry christmas.

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