ManBaby Rejects

I’ve been seeing a nice tradition of ManBabies being sent in that don’t really meet what we are looking for (you know, like tall, dark, handsome, etc.), and feel that even though they don’t fit the site, I’d still like to show case them. Welcome to that first show case of ManBaby Rejects!

One of the rules that we strongly suggest is that you do a picture you own, or at least one of a friend, ex-boss, whatever. This is because we want an original picture, and also, we don’t want to get sued. It’s mostly because we don’t want to get sued. But we understand that not everybody has a buddy with a baby that we can embarrass on the internet, so they have to resort to the next best thing: grabbing a pic of a dude with a baby and manbabying it.

And we present the source image:

Father Holding Baby

A nice stock photograph of a Father and a Baby. Or we assume it’s a father, but for all we know this is a hired model, and the “real dad” is safely out of the camera’s view. Either way, this picture makes for an easy ManBaby.   On to the offenders!

Now, I’ll admit that in my naivity, I posted the first one I received on the site @  Whoops.  Here’s the image:

Honest mistake, I swear.  Well, I recieved the same picture from Derober ( not too long afterward, and I started to get suspicious. manbaby

“Ok”, I thought to myself, “maybe they just know the same good looking guy and baby, and thought his picture would make a good addition to manbaby history.”  Sigh, how could I ever be so young and trusting.  It wasn’t long after that I recieved another one from Kasen W.

Manbaby - Kasen W

Alright, after I got this one, I got the idea.  Since then, I’ve gotten one more manbaby using this picture, from Jasper A.  Let me just say that I give Jasper credit for putting a nice spin on this one, although it is an image that will haunt your every waking moment until the end of time:

ManBaby - Jasper A

I especially love how the baby’s face looks like a plastic doll face on the man’s body. *shudders*.

Well, that’s it for this installment, look for more in the future!


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#1 curtis on 09.01.09 at 3:41 pm

nice. i like the manbaby rejects. you should do it more often.

that last one is… precious.

#2 moni on 01.03.10 at 1:30 pm

I really like it,do suh more things

#3 moni on 01.03.10 at 1:31 pm

I really like it,do such more things

#4 kevin on 02.04.10 at 12:58 am

ok, where did the whole man baby concept originate? i’m writing a blog in pursuit of the truth behind man babies.

feel free to comment

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