Pa Non Compete Agreement Laws

However, there are two important exceptions to this rule in Pennsylvania. One of them is a non-compete agreement in connection with the sale of a business. The other is when it comes to an employment contract. In both contexts, restrictions may apply to a former worker if appropriate in terms of geographic scope and duration. It attempted to apply the non-compete clause in its contract, which prevented it from working for a competitor for two years within a 300-mile radius. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned a previous injunction against Brobston on the grounds that an employee fired for poor performance did not pose a danger to business interests, as a powerful salesman might do. In Rullex, Rullex attempted to impose a competition agreement against Yuri Karnei, who, through his tel-Stream business, had been Rullex`s shooter for Rullex`s wireless customers. At one point, Mr. Karnei decided to stop working for Rullex and provide the same services to a competitor in Rullex, in violation of his competition agreement. Rullex sued him and Tel-Stream on the grounds that they had breached their non-competitive obligations to Rullex. That`s why it`s important to negotiate your employment contract before signing.

A work lawyer at Weisberg Cummings, P.C., is happy to help you get ready. If you have already signed up for a non-competition and are now looking for a new job, contact Weisberg Cummings, P.C., to find out what limits your current non-competition may have on your job opportunities. Non-competitions in Pennsylvania are legal and, in fact, quite frequent. When companies try to protect intellectual property and trade secrets, they may include stricter non-compete obligations to protect their interests. Non-compete clauses allow employers to include these clauses in employment contracts. Another thing you want to consider is a second job. Today, many people need or want to earn more. A non-compete clause may include clauses that prevent you from taking a second job or a moon certificate.

This may limit your ability to earn more at times when you need to increase your merit. Even then, some organizations do not impose non-competition. However, if you violate the terms of a competition violation in one way or another, you can be sued by the company at any time. If the business changes ownership, new owners may also have the option of taking legal action. Make sure the clause describes the companies you can`t work for. If the agreement is too broad, you could be excluded from any work in your sector. If you have certain technologies and companies with the name, you can choose a few options, as new businesses may eventually form and you have the opportunity to work in those companies. If your job is in a highly competitive field, your employer may refuse to negotiate the terms of the agreement. If your employer prevents you from working in your field when you leave the company, you can negotiate a compensation package that you pay when you are unable to work under the terms of a non-compete clause.

In this way, you always receive income, even if you have to respect the terms of the clause. Breaking a non-competition clause is not something to be taken lightly. It can be a complex and involved process. It is much easier to negotiate a non-compete clause before signing an employment contract. If you are considering a new job and see a non-compete clause, contact a lawyer to review your employment contract and get help negotiating clauses that could limit your career in the future.