Sh Collective Agreement Pipsc

9.03 Except in the event of an emergency, recall, custody agreement or mutual, the employer must, as far as possible, inform at least twelve (12) hours in advance of the condition of working overtime. In order to enhance security, the most unspending severance pay under Articles 19.05 to 19.08 or similar provisions in other collective agreements do not reduce the calculation of the benefit for persons who have not yet left the public service. The purpose of this agreement is to implement the agreement between the employer and the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada (`the parties`) on issues of friendliness. ii. the Directive on conditions of employment, the terms of the collective agreement and/or the applicable compensation plan continue to apply to unrepresented and excluded workers until they are amended by the new employer or the PSLREB following an application for succession; Annual salary rates for levels of care are changed at the time of signing of the collective agreement and for all compensation targets, adding the amounts shown in Column II in Column I. In the case of commercialization and the creation of new agencies, consultation opportunities will be available at PIPSC; However, if it is not possible to conclude relevant consultation agreements, the department may continue to carry out the transfer that has been received by the members concerned by this agreement until August 2019. 52.01 The duration of this collective agreement is fixed from the signing date until September 30, 2018. 1.1.23 For periods of surplus priority and/or dismissal, departments or home organizations bear national salaries, salary protection and/or termination costs, as well as other approved expenses such as education, travel, relocation and retraining, in accordance with various collective agreements and directives. The employment department or the organisation may agree to cover all or part of these costs.