Guardianship Agreement Singapore

It is best to check with your embassy or legal expert to determine what applies to your situation. Finally, for any application for guardianship, the priority consideration of the court is the well-being of the child. For each appointed legal guardian, this means that their life will likely be reviewed by the court. It is not uncommon for the court to ask for information such as proof of work and salary, copies of bank statements, proof of address and more. If you appoint a legal guardian, inform them that they must provide this information when they travel to Singapore to provide guardianship for your children. Please note that all court documents relating to the e Lit system must be submitted to the court. You can submit documents via e-Lit to the LawNet &CrimsonLogic Service Desk. In the worst case in Singapore, if both parents have died in a short period of time, your children are placed under the guardianship of an appointed temporary guardian. If you have not named one, your children will most likely be placed in court custody until a legal guardian can be appointed or your will can be enforced. If both parents agree to appoint Person A as the child`s legal guardian, the parties concerned may enter into a consent mandate for the formal appointment of Person A as legal guardian. .

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