Scottish Tenancy Agreement Notice Period

Tenants also have the right to have the rent assessed by a rent officer if they believe the rent increase is unfair. They must apply within 21 days of the landlord`s notification and inform their landlord by completing the third part of the “Landlord rent increase to tenants` message”. However, tenants should be made to understand that rental agents also have the power to increase rent if they feel it should be higher. Check your lease and learn more about the different notice periods. At the end of the rental, you must ask the rental bond system for a refund of the tenant`s deposit. The application must contain details of any deductions and the amount of the deposit to be reimbursed to the tenants. The rental bond system will contact the tenants to see if they agree with the amount of the deposit to be returned. If they agree, they will receive the agreed amount within five working days. If you send the message by mail or email, you must increase the notice by an additional two days under the law. This allows time to get to the notification. The tenant must announce to his landlord 28 days in advance that he wants to move. Termination must be in writing and the date on which the rental agreement ends, which is usually the day following the expiration of the notice period.

Your landlord can only apply for an eviction order if less than six months have elapsed since the termination expired. NB: The notice period for the departure period is 28 days for all reasons if the tenant has been in the property for less than six months or if one of the reasons for behavior is valid (for example. B rent arrears). Otherwise, it will take 84 days if your tenant has lived more than six months in the property and you do not rely on one of the reasons for behavior. If your tenant has lived six months or less in the property, you must notify them at least 28 days in advance. You must also notify them 28 days in advance if they have lived there for more than six months, but you will evict them for one or more of the following six reasons regarding the tenant`s behavior (and only for these reasons): a weekly/monthly/annual rental agreement with automatic renewal (a periodic rental agreement) continues for so long, as neither party wishes to terminate the lease. To terminate the lease, landlords and tenants must co-order their intention, as provided by law….