Tripartite Data Quality And Sharing Agreement

First Nations across Canada are focusing on data governance. Alberta has established a Regional First Nations Information Governance Centre, funded primarily by Health Canada. Quebec First Nations collaborate to develop data governance and information management capabilities and work with their government partners to meet their individual needs. Other regions have also organized themselves to meet their interests; in BC, there is the BC First Nations Data Governance Initiative. What is needed is a national data governance strategy that reconciles these regional approaches with broader policy and reform initiatives across governments. The signing of the Transformative Change Accord 2005 by the First Nations Leadership Council, Province of British Columbia, and the Government of Canada marked the beginning of a new relationship between the tripartite partners. British Columbia`s 2010 Tripartite Agreement on Data Quality and Sharing encouraged the obligation to ensure that information on First Nations is shared at the federal and provincial levels. The BC First Nations Data Governance Initiative has been adopted as a practical approach led by and for BC First Nations to implement some of the policy commitments outlined in these documents. The initiative also supports the management and transfer of health services from Health Canada to First Nations in British Columbia in October 2013. The Bc First Nations Data Governance Initiative was created under the leadership of the Ktunaxa Nation when they shared common issues with other First Nations, including decision-making and the management of planning and investment strategies. The scarcity and adequacy of data have been recognized as critical barriers to successful self-reliance.

The BCFNDGI has developed a concept paper and briefing note to provide a roadmap for the future of First Nations data governance and community development across Canada. 26 mai 2011: GW IV – Resolution on Consensus Paper (PDF) July 26, 2010: Tripartite Basis for a Framework Agreement on Health Governance (PDF) Mars 2013: Health Canada and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada MOU on Community Development (PDF) novembre 25, 2005: Accord de changement transformatif (PDF) novembre 26, 2006: Plan de santé des Premières Nations bilatérales (PDF). 15. July 2005: First Nations Health Blueprint for British Columbia März 2016: British Columbia and First Nations Health Council Memorandum of Understanding on a Regional Engagement Process and Partnership to Develop a Ten-Year Joint Strategy on Social Determinants for First Nations Peoples in British Columbia Media Lines and Questions and Answers: British Columbia Tripartite Transfer Event / Gathering of Wisdom VI (PDF) Pressemitteilung: Tripartite Partners Sign a New Path Forward with Historic Health Transfer for First Nations in British Columbia (PDF) December 17, 2012: Unterzeichnung health partnership agreement (PDF). 16. April 2010: Tripartite Agreement on Data Quality Sharing for First Nations in British Columbia (PDF). .