Verb Collocation Agreement

ADJ. | long-term and sustainable| occasions, temporary, short-term three years, two years, etc. | | formal and written | verbal | legal and valid the contract has been cancelled. | | (legal) enforceable and unenforceable large, important, large | lucrative| Business, Commercial | Employment, maintenance, research, | service Restoration, construction, transport | Marriage A collocation is two or more words that are often related. These combinations (e.g.B. collocations with “agreement”) simply sound “correct” to native English speakers who use them all the time. On the other hand, other combinations of “concordance” may be unnatural and simply sound “false.” VERB + CONTRACT Many workers do not have written contracts. | Bid for, call for tenders for eighteen companies are offered around the market. | Price (sb), give sb | | The company lost its contract on behalf of a large London company. | She managed to negotiate a contract of indefinite duration with the company. | | Create, write Close, conclude, do, sign He has concluded a contract with his former employer.

| perform the company that executes the construction contract | Termination, termination, rejection (law), resignation (law), termination Each party may terminate the contract at any time. | Subject to acceptance of the offer, subject to the contract (= the contract is not legally binding before the contract is signed). | Breach of contract, breach, breach If you are on strike, you are violating the contract. | | (Right) enforce the exchange (law) When a house is auctioned, the successful bidder must immediately exchange contracts and pay a deposit. Refers to two or more entities that accept, write, and sign something in writing. In that case, it would be an executed contract. If you ask, “Has the agreement been signed?” ask yourself if the above things happened. There are different types of collocation consisting of combinations of verb, noun, adjective, etc. Some of the most common species are: Using the “contract” collocation list improves your English, especially your knowledge of English, and increases your English vocabulary. SENTENCES Breach of contract He sued the company for breach of contract.

| the terms of the agreement The terms of the agreement do not allow such exports. This means that two other entities agree to some extent. You may not agree on everything or something in particular, but there is a general and fundamental convergence. 8. He tried to keep the dispute away amicably by________________ an arbitration agreement The offer was accepted by contract (= the agreement is not legally binding before the contract was signed). PREP. in one or more of the ~ clause of the agreement | under the agreement, the farmer is not allowed to use this field. | ~ between an agreement between the company and the trade unions| You have signed two agreements aimed at improving economic cooperation. | ~ with a trade agreement with China ADJ.

Draft The draft agreement will be available two weeks before the meeting. | | The treaty is legally binding. | | informal, tacit, verbal | volunteers| definitive| Bilateral, international, multilateral, national Ceasefire, credit, rental, peace, trade is an agreement to buy and sell something. A sales contract is almost always written, but theoretically it could be oral. It contains things like; what is sold, how much is sold, price, delivery information and other details. It can also mean that two or more entities agree, that they will try to move forward and reach an agreement. . . .