The Origin of ManBabies

On a dark and stormy night, a young Kris, who likes to be referred to as Kookies and myself (Chase) were drinking– completely non-alcoholic beverages mind you. Ok, well maybe not me. Whatever. Irrelevant. It may not have been stormy either. Anyways. It was on this night that I reached the end of the internet. And what I saw was… none other than a manbaby. THE manbaby. The manbaby to end all manbabies. And thus ManBabies was born. But not after laughing at this image for 15 minutes. Only God truly knows who created this image. Maybe God himself?

– Chase

The manbaby to end all manbabies.

The next wave of ManBabies

Welcome to If you’re reading this you are probably a returning visitor or at least curious as to what kind of warped minds would create such ridiculous images. Personally, I prefer the adjective heartwarming.

Kris, er Kookies!?, and I have been thinking of new ways to make the site more user interactive. We definitely plan on having a better upload interface for user submissions and those pictures you would like to have ManBabyafied (someone think of a better word for that).

We’re big advocates of Google Analytics. Damn, that’s a sweet tool for analyzing website visitor data. Most users spend about a minute average on our site. I can only assume that that’s because there really isn’t a very big interactive aspect to our site. We have some ideas we’ve been brainstorming. If you have any ideas for where to take this, we’d love to hear your suggestions (i.e. – submission contests, merchandise.. would you wear a personalized manbabies shirt!?!?, comments system, more advanced ratings, etc.)

Anyways, thank you very much for all the attention. Help us help you? With ManBabies???

– Chase


Hey, everybody! So we have this blog now. That makes us professionals, right? I like to think so.

Change is on the horizon. The good kind of change, you know, like the kind that you can buy a soda with. You’ll just have to stick around to see some of the changes, but you may have already noticed one – that there were two submissions today. TWO!
The story behind that is, we have been getting so many wonderful submissions from our loyal fan base that we just feel that we can’t keep them from the world! This also means that you should submit your own ManBabies via for the world to see!

And we are always accepting pictures of people wanting to be turned into ManBabies, so send those in as well!

Stay cool, Kookies.